The power of deep analysis

Power of deep analysis.

Who would have thought that a giant migration wave will freely erupt and would be simply unstoppable? While this idea has been floated as an end-of-the-world scenario in ~2001, the actual cause of this was more interesting to observe.

“Two things if I may, Mister President:”

ONE: Governments are no longer the final authority on any information for the modern citizen//human. Internet in general and “social networks” provide alternative and usually much wider viewpoint on things than most governments promote. Compare ‘butcher’ Hasan and Homs back when he leveled it to the ground. Fear spread by whisper and unrest was surpressed, hardly any following unrests that we know of. But this brings us to the
TWO: Social networks. What a social network is? Basically it is a source of information that lies in-between the masmedia type news and information spread, (where info-bits are produced centrally for generic and wide audiece groups, it gets disseminated randomly, and areally (is that a word in English?) ), and a personal message based system where information flows from person to person, just like in a daily chat. Social networks filled the gap, where information is spread to individials of small, loosely, ad-hoc defined groups. Information that social network users see are at least partially tailored and the selecting system has a tendency to become very narrowly oriented. (But that is another story of horror implementation, Youtube too, as well.) With this new type of information and delivery we get to
THREE: Nationalistic propaganda is not a universal remedy of country population control and manipulation anymore. You saw it with the 70th anniversary in China of the “Chinese victory over Japan celebration.” Chinese social media slightly revolt over decision to ban any entertaining TV shows and openly criticize the quality of what they see as poorly done propaganda. What this causes is this: other people who see such messages observe the existence of an idea that the official government source is not the only or most valid source of information. Personal connection of people with nationalist ideas and countries also weakened. You may have noticed the trend during election time in the US in 2012, when people (many) openly stated that, “When X get elected, I move to Y country”. It was just a statement, but the genie of the idea that you can “fire” your country and resign and move out was in the wild for people to observe. Ideas are not necessarily infectious, but important point was that observers familiarized with the concept(s) and could thus apply it in the future. It is the same as with inventions. But how could nationalism get such a kick in the stomach so easily?
FOUR: Corruption. Corruption and nepotism is the direct source of discontent of talented, capable and able people. Nationalism is many times used as the prime weapon of many thiefs who bamboozle their victims by it, but do it continuously for a long time and its magic fades as the victims suffer hunger while the thief enjoys plenty. Now, when capable and able people see the world “outside” and see how they have been robbed of their chances in life, how they can’t have any future, they are prompted to act and even discard their “love for the Country, Leader, Nation” as an obsolete notion that only brings them misery and stuns their growth and halts their progress in life. So then,
FIVE: Envy and desire to succeed. As the social media content is tailor-made for its ‘victims’, our victim sees the world and has a little envy that some people can have better life than he has. Okay so far. He finds it really interesting that people in some countries can be rewarded for being smart or hard working, simply on merit and not affiliation. These people are already driven and the last straw usually is hearing the news of somene far less able who made a good life for himself in some far away country. So they pack up, resign and give their country pink slips.
SIX, taking these refugees can be a winning move, after all. How? See how the WW2 and German effort turned out: The list of theoretical physicists and researchers reads like a list of countries that persecuted, killed or exiled one group of people or another. Seriously, read the names, recall the people. US and UK were after the war some 10-20 years in advance in the area of theoretical science compared to the rest of the world, so thatother countries had to catch up by old-fashioned espionage. Duh. Taking on more people, more brains, more hungry necks and more hands to a country seems counter-intuitive when you are trying to keep the unemployment down. But see how Angela Merkel ‘reversed’ her stance some time after telling a girl: “We can’t take you all, there is not enough space.” Now she says ‘bring it on, we will take all Syrians, no questions.’ How infinitely far is this removed from the WW2 position! How to make it a winning move? You need to have a functional and reliable plan how to convert the refugees to your side, that is language of your country, laws of your country, culture of your country, respect for your country. (Go as far as humanely possible, and do not expect fanatic devotion, that would be bad news.) These things do not happen without you making them happen! Thus, language courses and so on will be required. What next? If these stay in your country, you can tap into their enthusiasm and willingness to work hard. Far future plan: of the people that will return to their homelands, the most driven will go into politics with good connections for investments and business. The less motivated will end up in industry, science, education, manufacturing/services. These will naturally incline to the brands and manufacturers that they encountered in the country that helped them, and they shall be already well linguistically equipped. It would be foolish for a great leader not to plan for this eventuality. (I am saying ‘eventuality’, because that is the natural course of things to happen, completely unforced. You can alwayce force it like the superpowers many times do, but that backfires more often than it does not! Rather use a myriad of naturally formed friends than a dozen of obedient puppets.)
SEVEN, Maintain order and opportunities due to low corruption and you shall attract a thousand of migrants who will build and build and build. Seriously, the main thing that drives migrants to the USA, UK, Germany is that you have, as a person, seriously open opportunities in life compared to almost anywhere else. The simplicity of doing business in the US or UK is amazing. Remember how the protests in Egypt and the arab spring started? An internet cafe owner refused to give a bribe to a policeman who wanted some pocket money for NO REASON AT ALL, just asking money from random victims, just like the real drunkards sometiomes do. (The cafe owner was beaten to death.) This is not the habit in Germany, UK or the US. See, the level of surveillance, class oppression, totalitarian tendencies don’t enter into this equation, only the chance of being able to apply yourself and be successful matters. Everything else comes second, for the migrants at least.
EIGHT, Loss of sense that human existence can be declared illegal. Remember that the passports were invented not so long ago and that before taht time, you could basically go to anywhere in the world just like that? No TSA, no razor wire (it was invented recently as well, LOL), no permits, greencards, visas. As people were naturally limited in wealth, specialised control of movement of people wasn’t required. Only later caging of people into states became “necessary” as flow of information and knowledge of the world behind the fence was necessary to maintain regimes. Oppressive regimes were also well aware that they need people to have a saying in the world and sustainable economic growth. Also thanks to the social networks and the internet in general, people start to lose sense that there are any country borders. Facebook doesn’t apply borders. The EU went into a grand unified market not so long ago, but it took many, many years for the mentality of the small businesses and individuals to change. While there are natural language barriers, the idea that you can and should offer goods and services to people outside your country, to “total strangers” took a while to sink in. The common currency helped. The idea that you are free to move, no questions asked takes some time to adjust to. But then, when you acquire this taste and mental state, do you want to go back from that? No. The refugees are the people with exactly this mindset. They no longer see countries as separate countries, they see them as places that you can go to, and mean literally, “walk into”.
NINE. The weakness and hesitation in the policing forces to this migrant crisis shows the way to world peace. If you are a murderous dictator, you risk people waking out on you, boycotting your economy and rule. It is possible that maintaining peace, calm, order will become a tool of economic planning and prosperity. Once borders are breached, you want to attract economy, people, business into your place and not scare them away. Some governments arealready aware of this that doom and gloom is on the horizon, for example in Slovakia, advertisement in radio ‘kindly asked people not to go abroad for work, especially not the UK’ (not using these exact words), but it shows how scared are the absolutistic and/or corrupt leaders of people walking out.
TEN. “If, on the other hand…” Let us leave the rest of the discussion for a later date.

three or four more points have been written, but lost… let them rest in peace in /dev/null

postscript: there has been recently a scientific explanation why unemployement can’t drop to zero, it is basically caused by periodic layoffs which dissuade people from loking for jobs and losing trust in the system and themselves, and also make the HR people not hire them, because “they have gaps in their employment, these must be really unsuitable employees”… more about it later. but the idea stays: the only way to fill vacant jobs is to have more people desperate enough to take them!


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