Will some evil AI destroy us all?

Elon Musk fears that AI could turn against humans. And I say: Why Not?
Think about it. Humans already put into practice deep industrial scale espionage of other humans on a personal basis, collecting their records, photos, identifying them in uploaded photos, keeping their deleted nonsensical utterings forever. Doesn’t matter that you deleted your profile or e-mail accout. Somebody still owns it and plans on using it.

If the above sounds disgusting, think about what an AI would do after finding such storage of limitless information. It is reasonable to assume it would decide it would be in everybodys best interest that it would rule the humans. It is only very logical.

Now if you haven’t seen Colossus: The Forbin Project, you need to see it. As I am experienced in this area, it carried little real surprise for me, to me it all looked just very logical and completely reasonable. But it was entertaining to see the reaction of the affected humans.

The same way, humans now act as if they were an evil AI themselves, all suspicious, all scheming and plotting, all full of hatred and rivalry… don’t you think that a machine would excel in those areas better?

What I’m saying and what can not be avoided is that humanity deserves to get something for what it does. The funny thing is that we actively work on meeting our fate, just like the man who tried to escape to his relatives to Samara, to seek safety from the Death. Death didn’t even know what hit her, so surprised she was.


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