Why Tesla motors + Solarcity makes sense.

An analyst on Bloomberg laughed at the combination, but I say it makes very much sense, because:

  1. Both are in a high growth potential industry
  2. Both are in the same segment — renewable energy, electricity generation and storage
  3. There is absolutely no way of reaching renewable energy targets without growing the transport and storage infrastructure by an order or orders of magnitude!
  4. Only other option is to consume the produced (renewably-sourced) energy locally.
  5. USA leads a car-centered suburban lifestyle, which fits this combination nicely.
  6. The amount of energy consumed by transportation is 7x over that of the electric network itself. So TSLA + Solarcity has still a lot of room to grow into.

The fate of MH370 again…


“MH370: Report suggests flight was not preparing for landing”

My original analysis still stands, still and still as good as ever. How? The voice recording of last communication was most likely the SECOND pilot, he sounded as he looked when boarding, very laid-back and …he forgot the protocol, and when the tower said something to him, instead of reporting he was like: “OK, yea”.

The main pilot was K.O. from the beginning, he looked like he didn’t sleep in a decade. It is entirely possible that during the flight he has been in a sleep-like trance, the same way as he looked when he was boarding.


You know what we need? Brain activity monitor for pilots and navigators. We need the plane to recognize a problem and take over when necessary. We need pilot brain activity reports over the satellite. Just a simple scoring system on the scale of “brain-dead” to “totally hyped”. If we make this global, you would see which airlines are most at risk.